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  • Ancient site of Philippi
  • Archeological Museum of Philippi
  • Trekking
  • Spa Mud Baths
  • The Baptisim Temple of Saint Lydia

The historic heritage of the municipality of Kavala is the archeological site of Philippi. Their site is www.philippi.gr

The Archeological Museum of Philippi is situated in the town of Philippi, Kavala and there you can see ancient artifacts from the prehistoric settlement of Dikli Tas ( Standing Vase) and from the Hellenistic, Roman and the Paleochristian city of Philippi.

You can go trekking in the beautiful green country side of Kavala. Organized trekking groups and rock climbing expeditions can be done in the area.

The Therapeutic Mud Bath Center functions during the summer months. The mud baths help relieve rheumatic pain, lower back pain, gynological problems and skin problems.








The amazing properties of the mud baths are well known in the area since the end of the past century. There are remains of an old building near the spa. In the near area there are archeological sites with ancient thermal baths, the ancient Theatre of Philippi, and the Baptism Temple of Saint Lydia, the first European Christian.

At the Temple of the Baptism of St. Lydia, the first European was baptized by the Apostle Paul when he first arrived in the area of Kavala. It is the starting point where Christianity was spread throughout the European hemisphere.